Over the next few months we will introduce five abbreviated articles concerning the function of the immune system.

  • They will consist of firstly, a description and overview of the system.
  • Secondly, a determination of the quality of the immune system through a variety of different blood panels, then reading the results and modifying the specific needs of an individual to attain an optimal level of immune function with particular emphasis on the role of inflammation.
  • The third article will consist of a panoply of methods and substances to help boost the immune systems various components, paying attention to the effects of lowering or heightening our immune system through emotions, thoughts and actions.
  • Our intentions for the fourth article will introduce the science of  immunotherapy, particularly as it relates to cancer. It is the purpose of this approach to free up the self healing mechanisms of the immune system in order to show that an optimally functioning immune system is powerful enough and adequately suited to deal with and defeat a serious disease.
  • Rounding out our informational monograms, we will highlight the natural substances such as nutraceuticals and supplementations which strengthen the immune system, giving particular emphasis to special areas such as probiotics, minerals from sea vegetables and healing foods.