September 13-17, 2009

 Future medical therapies will increasingly focus on interrupting and redirecting pathologic biopathways at the genetic and cellular level. Imaging – especially molecular imaging - will play an indispensible role in the understanding of biopathways, the creation of biospecific interventions, and the monitoring and control of new, highly potent interventions. Future imaging will require significantly greater sensitivity, specificity and quantitative robustness than exists today. The most significant evolution and greatest challenge will be increasing the specificity. To fully integrate imaging into therapeutics and diagnosis, imaging will need to be applicable to screening and interrogating therapeutically useful biopathways. Sessions have been designed around these themes. Discussions will address future advances in engineering and imaging modalities from NIR to X ray, microscopic in vivo imaging, fundamental advances in important biopathways (angiogenesis, metastasis, invasion and resistance, neurodegeneration, et al.), and the future roles of chemistry in imaging.  

Key to meeting the challenges inherent in a complex future is open and effective communication among basic and clinical researchers from a wide spectrum of relevant disciplines. The goal of Imaging in 2020 is to catalyze this communication by laying the technical foundation for it, and by providing a format that is intentionally less structured than the traditional scientific meeting, allowing for extensive, meaningful interactions in a casual, comfortable environment. We hope to foster the development of enduring associations that will lead to innovative solutions and applications.

Imaging in 2020 VI will be held at the Jackson Lake Lodge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Its beautiful location in Grand Teton National Forest is easily accessible from Jackson Airport. Breathtaking views of the Grand Tetons provide a colorful backdrop to the meeting. Participants will have the opportunity during the unscheduled afternoons to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, boating, horseback riding, or just relaxing in a truly spectacular natural setting.


Source: Imaging in 2020